Winter is a great time to create extra at-home drills for your clients.

You never know when snow, ice, or below zero temps might keep a client from coming in, especially if they are over 70 and afraid of falling!

Here is a sample of some at-home balance drills I created for our clients — so they have zero excuse to get something productive done even when they are stuck at home.

1. Simple Floor to Overhead Reach
This works for all ages, but especially as people get over 60 shifting from reaching down to pick something up, to overhead to put something on the shelf can be a challenge. To increase this change up their stance.

2. Tandem, Semi-Tandem, Feet Touching and Feet Normal Width
In the video we show marching, but you could do stepping in place or high leg kicks or swings.

3. Marching on Tip-Toes, and Heels, Wide Stance and Regular

These drills only take a few minutes, but can help your clients with stepping patterns, standing balance, reaching and more. And make sure they get something productive done when they have to miss or cancel a session.