Hip adductor strains are a common problem for some athletes. This exercise offers a mobility option that can be done using a sliding disc to increase elasticity and warm the hip prior to more intense activity.

Begin kneeling with the right knee on the sliding disc and the left knee on a foam pad. Next, place both hands on the floor shoulder-width apart (quadruped position). Slowly slide the right knee away from the body allowing the hip to abduct until a comfortable stretch is felt in the right inner thigh and groin region. Pause when a comfortable stretch is felt in the right anterior hip, and then return to the starting position. Be cautious not to allow the sliding disc to move rapidly or push beyond a comfortable range of motion as to avoid a strain of any kind. Perform 1-2 sets of 5-10 reps and repeat on the left side.

This exercise is effective for increasing flexibility in the hip adductors and serves as a functional movement prep drill to reduce injury risk and improve overall hip mobility on the sliding leg. The sliding disc allows for incremental changes in stretching based on the inherent flexibility of the client. A slower cadence on the eccentric portion of the exercise is preferable to maximize control and ensure good form.