In the beginning - with your business purpose identified - your vision and strategy will start to take shape. That initial growth will be inherently fueled by that clear mission and focus. You and your (probably small) team will have that focus coursing through your veins. You will be programmed with the same battle cry and driven, in unison, towards your collective mission… and you will grow!

Founders, and their initial teams, have a responsibility to continually “check the pulse” of their growing teams to be sure strategy remains clear as growth happens. It becomes very relevant when the communication and client experience starts to become less powerful or even worse, counter to your original purpose. It’s easy for the original team to stay true to the course as you grow, however, much like the game Telephone, the message can change when many people are sending it through the ranks. The assumption that it is being communicated with clarity and authenticity can ultimately harm the intended mission.

The message must be repeated in many different and creative ways:

First, be clear about how the strategy and mission is being articulated. Is the company’s purpose clear to you and the leadership you’ve selected? Is everyone on board with how they will articulate it, even if in their own words? Consistency and buy-in at the leadership level are mission critical.

Second, are there continuous opportunities to share this collective vision throughout your company? Providing ways to step away from the day-to-day work to come together and remember what you and your team are up to. Get them excited on a regular basis about the bigger picture. A bigger connection to the company’s WHY and how they play a critical role in achieving that WHY, even in the most seemingly “mundane” tasks.

Third, personify your vision with everything you do, every conversation you have, and every bit of content created. Put into action what you set out to do. Remember your WHY and then live it. While this sounds simple, this isn’t an easy task to consistently execute.

Assuming that your initial mission or purpose is being felt simply because it’s clear for you and your close leadership team will greatly diminish your impact or worse, steer you way off course. Your strategy is your most important differentiator, be out loud about it and bring your growing team along with you!