As is typical with a New Year, goals are being set, milestones identified, projections made; and yet many feel paralyzed to start. One way to navigate through that feeling of being stuck is to embrace a growth mindset by creating a culture of learning in your business. Encouraging - and celebrating - continued education will drive your business with a profoundly renewed energy!

Start with growth. A growth, or learning, mindset is the best place to start when wanting to propel aspects of your life and business. Commit to be a seeker of new knowledge. Ray Kroc asked it best, “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?” When you focus on growth, your momentum increases, and changes become an expected part of your evolution.

Create pride in education. Being “green and growing” should be celebrated by you and your team. When you and others are applauded for taking chances and learning more it creates a culture of growth. A culture of expansion and advancement. Encourage the collective to seek out new education through new certifications, management skills, team building… anything to get creativity flowing!

Pause in order to accelerate. Just like a sling shot needs to be pulled backwards to create optimum speed and trajectory, sometimes your growth results from a pause to see the bigger picture. Where can you grow? What is there to learn that could deepen your knowledge in the industry? Is there an area in running your business that you could master? Stop, take a step back and look from a higher elevation. This could be the pause that allows for greater clarity.

Build a culture of learning. It’s one thing to say “we support your growth” to your team. It’s another to provide those opportunities for growth and to be in those opportunities with your team. Ask questions to truly know where your team wishes to grow and then listen. You will find out more about them and their desires for growth. We all want to be seen, heard and invested in. Create that culture of growth through education and watch the magic that happens!