Torso rotational lunge with AQUA Bag

    Improving rotational strength and stability in the torso, shoulders and hips is important for injury prevention and performance. The ability to resist and control rotational loads can reduce stress on the body during transverse plane activities and deceleration during sport. This exercise will demonstrate how to train rotational stability in an unstable manner using the Aktiv AQUA Bag.

    Execution:Grab the AQUA Bag by the horizontal straps and position it in a front squat position, resting the AQUA Bag against the chest and shoulders. The feet should be shoulder width apart. Next lunge forward with the left leg and rotate the torso to the left through the full available range of motion while keeping the AQUA Bag parallel to the ground. Next, return to the start position, and repeat the sequence lunging on the right leg and rotating to the right. Alternate right and left legs, while performing 10 repetitions. Perform 2-3 sets.


    1.Increase the cadence (more time under tension)

    2.Add more water to increase the weight

    3.Perform a lunge walk


    1.Reduce the amount of water

    2.Reduce the depth of the lunges

    3.Perform the rotational movements while doing an isometric split squat to allow for focus on the torso rotation and decrease the demand on the lower body

    Application:This exercise will facilitate pillar strength and stability, as well as improve proprioceptive awareness and body control. The AQUA Bag offers an unpredictable training load that will create variable and progressive demands on the trunk as opposed to more traditional training methods. This training tool is portable, offers variable resistance for novice to advanced users, and can be used in individual or group training environments.