Surge Storm bent over row

Postural dysfunction is very common today given our widespread use of portable electronic devices and computers. This lends itself to a forward head and rounded shoulders, which creates neck, shoulder and back issues. As such, it is imperative to have pulling motions in the training program to promote posterior chain strength and combat gravity in our daily life.

The bent over row is a demanding pulling exercise that forces the client to work against gravity while activating many postural muscles. Performing the motion with the SURGE® Storm adds an additional element of fun and instability to the movement.

Execution: Fill the Surge to the desired level with water. Grasp the SURGE® Storm with a neutral grip, stand tall and assume a neutral spine position. Next, perform a full hip hinge allowing the hips to bend and travel back. The feet should be shoulder width apart and the arms fully extended to begin the exercise.

While maintaining a neutral spine and flexing the hips 75-90 degrees, slowly pull the SURGE® toward the abdomen while retracting the shoulders. Pause once the SURGE® Storm light touches the upper abdomen and return to the start position. Repeat this sequence for 10 repetitions. Vary the cadence according to fatigue and ability to adequately control the movement.


1. Increase the water and/or increase the cadence

2. Stand on one leg

Application: The bent over row strengthens the back, biceps and shoulders, but more importantly requires postural stability and endurance to maintain the proper spine angle throughout. It requires an adequate hip hinge as well, forcing the client to consistently battle gravity thought the exercise.

Adding the SURGE® Storm further challenges coordination, stability and kinetic chain strength/awareness as the water is moving continuously back and forth inside the apparatus. This fluid and unpredictable movement challenges and promotes anti-rotation stability during the row itself.