The very nature of the fitness industry creates competition. That competition makes us all have a guard up, thinking clients will leave us for fitness studio X down the road. The reality is the current marketplace supplies a ton of boutique fitness options that allow our clients to try different fitness disciplines that help their overall goals. The options can help you as well, if you use them correctly.

Most trainers specialize in body fat reduction, corrective exercise, special populations, athletic performance or a combination of them all. With a few exceptions, most of us are not specialists in yoga, barre, or have the capacity for certain group HIIT classes. So why not develop a relationship with those people who lead those types of fitness to help your client out and create a referral source? Here are three things to focus on when developing a partnership with other fitness outfits:

Be a Fitness Ambassador

Encouraging your client to take a yoga class or a cycle class from the studio down the road only makes you look like you care. It does not take from your curtain clientele. Most clients will work with a trainer 1-3 days a week, so a few yoga/barre/cycle/bootcamp classes is only going to help their results and thus give you a better testimonial.

Network with Other Professionals

There is always an opportunity to cross brand or cross promote. This benefits both parties and creates an instant referral source for both parties. Seek out your neighborhood fitness outfits and try to develop a relationship with the owners telling them that your clients love their class and you want to be able to refer more people to them. Possibly you could set up a day where you go in and discuss nutrition with their clients, putting you in front of more people that you may never meet. You could even go take a class and check in so that people can see that you do more than just workout in your own spot. Capitalize off this relationship with the referrals you will get and the reaction from your community.

Community Events

I love involving other fitness outfits to join my charity and community events. This adds to my already growing community and let's me tap into clients that I may never see otherwise. Even if they don't want to physically participate, you could get them to donate a few sessions to be raffled off. I have done this and it is always a hit and attracts more people.

Remember the only competition you need to worry about is the competition you provide yourself. Incorporating different fitness outfits only enhances you as a trainer, it does not take away.