Now individuals and their families can travel across the United States 'virtually' while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Amerathon Club has introduced a new online and interactive total wellness resource at that has been created to help exercisers, from beginner to advanced, start or maintain a consistent exercise program and healthy lifestyle with real results.


The Amerathon Club features a variety of interactive and engaging tools for members. A personalized notebook allows for the charting and tracking of all physical activity, personal thoughts and even goals and events. Any form of exercise is logged and transferred into mileage and charted on a virtual route from New York City to Los Angeles. Members have access to the National Institute of Health Information, a Calorie Calculator, a BMI calculator, an Ask A Professional section and a community building Fitness Forum. The Amerathon Club updates its information and provides new and exciting tools for member use on a frequent basis.


The website's mascot, eb, the Exercise Bug, travels with members on their individual journeys and offers encouragement and help along the way. Members can rely upon eb for his insights as they travel through each 10-mile segment of their journey.


Amerathon Club creates a community of wellness for the mind, body and spirit through forums and teams. In addition, members are able to access National Institute of Health information through the Amerathon Club website.


The goal is to change the way members think about health. "It's time for something new," said Steven Young, an Amerathon Club co-founder. "It's time to inspire change in the hearts and minds of the American people. Our objective is for the Amerathon Club to engage the entire community of members to create a culture of wellness by rallying around eb, the Exercise Bug, as they chart their daily exercise on a map across the country."


The Amerathon Club LLC, headquartered in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, with offices in Lighthouse Point, Florida, was founded by Steven G. Young and his family. The Amerathon Club was designed simply as a way to track exercise and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. As avid athletes themselves, the Young family found that, by documenting their own experiences online, they were able to achieve their wellness goals. After creative design enhancements to the website, the family introduced this engaging and powerful tool to everyone so that they are empowered to begin a fitness journey of their own. For more information, contact Amanda Young Nzambi at 412.916.5066, email or visit


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