Jim Rohn, motivational speaker, often talks of the law of averages and how it plays a role in how we are influenced. He states that we are generally the average of the top five people we spend the most time with; the average as it pertains to both tangible and intangible characteristics including income, quality of life, work ethic, perceptions and values.

Spend a moment and think about the top five people who consume the most energy and time in your life. For most of us it likely includes a spouse/partner, business partner(s), coworkers, friends and family. Of greater importance, take a moment to consider how each of these people influence your life –positively or negatively.

We can culminate greater success by surrounding ourselves with those who inspire us and even force us to continually work to become a better, stronger version of ourselves. If any of your top five are holding you back or not pushing you to grow, it may be time to consider finding someone who will. Richard Branson, even with his unquestionable success, likely surrounds himself with others who push him to do greater things and force him to be uncomfortable; it’s unlikely that his top five include anyone who does not have a solid work ethic.

As you evolve personally and professionally, continually evaluate who are in your top five. In the reverse, by nature of what we do as fitness professionals, our goal should also be to strive to be in our clients' top five.

The key to continued success may not entirely hinge on "who you know" as many may believe, but in large part is dependent on the top five people we consider to be the greatest influencers in our lives. Make sure your top five are lifting you up in your goals and endeavors, not pulling you down or holding you back.