It's the one skill that most fitness-related degree programs never teach and most certifying organizations don't require or test as part of the initial examination process to become a fitness professional: sales.

If we're not able to market and sell our services, we will never achieve a rewarding career doing the one thing that was the reason for making fitness our career choice in the first place: changing people's lives.

While some people seem to be blessed with a genetic disposition to sell, others have to work really hard to master the art of selling. Thankfully, there are great resources, especially in the last five years, including great business coaches, online forums and live events and seminars that are specifically focused on selling fitness.

If you're frustrated because of a lack luster rate of closed sales or if you're finding it a challenge to even get new client prospects, here are three reasons your current sales strategy may not be working:

1. You're not speaking your client's language.
Pay attention to the way you are writing and speaking to your clients and potential clients. If your clients are using phrases like "muffin top," "spare tire," "tone-up," etc., use these same phrases in your sales copy (i.e. your emails, social media and even in your consultations) and in your phone and sales scripts. When we use "fitness lingo" like "build muscle" and "change your body composition" we lose the potential client because those terms don't resonate or create the same emotion. I'm sure you are confident that once you get them in your door, you'll give them exactly what they need, but in order to actually get them in your door, you must speak their language so they feel you really understand what they want.

2. You're tapping into the same pool over and over again with no luck.
Successful marketing is achieved using a multi-pronged approach. Find a combination of email marketing, web presence (including SEO), effective print advertising, social media and referral outlets including strategic partners and client referrals in order to tap into as many pools of targeted prospects as possible. This will take some trial and error so be sure you are tracking which methods of marketing are working for you and attracting the right kind of clientele.

3. You're not giving the right tools to your current clients to have them sell for you.
Your best marketing tool is your current client! Offer them incentives from the moment they sign up with you to tell their friends about you. Give them email templates they can forward to their friends, you have to make it as easy as possible for them.

Spend some focused time on analyzing your sales strategy (or come up with a sales strategy if you don't have one) and invest time, money and energy in aligning with people and resources who can help you sell more effectively. Embrace your inner salesperson and the possibilities to help people who need you most are limitless.