Everyone wants to be successful. I cannot imagine a scenario where one would not want to be the best at something. To be a success requires a lot of hard work and discipline. You have that. The sheer fact you are reading this piece, is a great indicator of your desire to be successful. How you judge that success is debatable but the road you get there is paved with three words, all starting with the letter P.

Fitness, or some derivative of, is your why. It is part of your belief system, without it you are not authentic. Our passion for fitness is what got us in the industry to begin with. Our passion provides drive for us to continue pushing the limits of what we can achieve. Passion is a key component in becoming successful, without it we cannot fully reach our zenith and become as successful as we thought.

People don't buy what you do or how you do it but why you do it. Your purpose is the driving force behind why you do what you do. If you have a clearly defined purpose and the passion to back it, success is only a few steps away. Take a step away from your gym and write down all the reasons you got into the business in the first place and what your beliefs are. Somewhere is your purpose. It should be clear and concise and not money driven. If used in marketing, your audience will think of you as more authentic.

If success is going to happen you must have a positive outlook on the situation. Your thoughts create your realities. The more positive your outlook is, the better the result you will have to keep inching your way towards your goal. Just like we do with our clients, we have to own our behaviors and our thoughts. To be a great success we must be positive and have a positive outlook on all aspects of our business and life.

Most of us spend hours and hours working on our dreams and goals. We have a relentless pursuit of being the absolute best at what we do. By instilling the three P's into our strategy for everyday life, we can truly be a success and the best version of ourselves.