Business has evolved over the years due to technological advances like the internet, which has increased the mobility of our business life. Most companies are unable to survive without this flexibility. When it comes to fitness, how can you use this concept to grow your business?

I'm going to ask you to think outside the box ... the box of the four walls of your gym. Typical fitness industry entrepreneurs focus on building a client base within these four walls. Most marketing efforts are geared towards bringing more people to them. This marketing approach makes a lot of sense since you cannot necessarily take your equipment to each and every client. That is unless you add more services that allow you to do so.

Corporate wellness is the buzz word in today's healthcare market. If you have not heard it yet, you will soon. Companies are looking to improve the overall health and wellness of their employee population. The goal is to impact their bottom line by lowering medical care expenses the company incurs from its employees. You and I know as fitness professionals that the best way to improve someone's health is to get them exercising and eating healthier. So, how does this allow you to work outside of your business walls? Companies are looking to implement on-site fitness and nutritional programs.

The demand for qualified professionals has increased exponentially over the last few years, especially in the corporate setting. Companies are investing in choices that aid in the improvement of their employees' overall well-being. Some of these choices include off-site corporate gym memberships, Health Risk Assessments, group classes, behavior modification programming, weight management services, staffed fitness or nutritional coaches, and even gym design and management services.

Fitness is an evolving industry. Professionals in the trade need to modify their business models in order to remain current with the latest trends. Keeping up with "out of the box" trends, like corporate wellness, can add additional revenue streams to your current business model -- something you as a business owner may not have investigated in the past.

To find out more about corporate wellness programs, go to This website has information on how to start a wellness program from start to finish. Sometimes all it takes is a little "out of the box" thinking to grow your business.