June 1 2013
You are a fitness entrepreneur. Maybe you have been running your own company for a few years now. It has been filled with lucrative periods, as well as fiscally deficient ones. You understand the current... View More
Sept. 1 2012
The business of fitness involves much more than helping people attain the perfect physique. Any industry professional knows it takes considerable focus on balancing a variety of elements to create a healthy... View More
July 1 2012
Technology and the Internet provide a variety of opportunities for fitness entrepreneurs. The web can be a great resource for increasing market awareness in order to promote yourself, your business and... View More
June 1 2012
In our culture, social acceptance is fundamental to a person's health and quality of life. Most of us learn this from the day we are born. Rejection has scientifically been proven to be harmful to one's... View More
March 1 2012
Business has evolved over the years due to technological advances like the internet, which has increased the mobility of our business life. Most companies are unable to survive without this flexibility.... View More
Feb. 3 2012
What is the single most important thing that makes members happy? Consistency! Consistent products and services are the most important element of running any business. You yourself live by this rule. You... View More
Sept. 4 2011
In the spirit of PFP's Mind and Body theme for September and October, Think Fit 2 Be Fit, is a perfect book that embraces the connection of the mind-body connection for ultimate health and wellness. Tammy... View More