Last week’s workout is old news and hopefully you’re ready for a new challenge. Tracking what you did, when and how you felt, can help you step it up after a week of slacking off or simply provide a sense of satisfaction. Studies show that those who keep track of their workouts are more steadfast about their exercise routine.
Here are some simple ways to journal your workout program to help you stay on track:

  • Evaluate: Before you start any exercise program, set some goals. Do you want to improve your heart rate, gain muscle or lose inches? Measure those starting numbers and then check back in with yourself every week or month based on your goals.
  • Make a plan: If you can, work with a trainer to craft a personalized, goal-focused plan to follow for easy journaling. Your plan should include exercising three to five days per week for 30 to 60 minutes and integrate cardio and strength-training on alternating days to avoid overworking muscles and joints. Also check out sites like, or others for workout recommendations and video advice.
  • Download it: Today’s technology is making paper and pen obsolete for workout journaling. Companies like Nike and Garmin, for example, offer online training and tracking centers compatible with their fitness products. For exercisers using Life Fitness equipment, check outVirtual, where you can create and store personalized workouts on a USB memory stick then plug directly into the machine to begin the workout. Afterwards, just save the results on the USB stick and track your performance over time. The site also enables users to organize and store workouts, create exercise programs and even connect with other exercisers.

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