Personal Trainers earn on average less than $25,000 annually while less than 2% of the Personal Training community earns over $75,000. For the first time ever, a complete curriculum including expert guidance is available for certified personal trainers seeking a heightened level of excellence and complementary income.
    The Prosperity program is the culmination of 40 combined years of work. For the first time ever, two "in the trenches" fitness pros share the secrets that allowed them to become top earners in the industry. Kelli Calabrese and Phil Kaplan created the Prosperity content based solely upon the “need” they perceived after counseling trainers worldwide.
    The “Prosperity” program is based upon operating a personal training business with integrity and teaches fitness professionals to prosper without limit by serving as empowering forces in the lives of their clients. Kaplan and Calabrese serve consulting clients worldwide at fees upwards of $400 per hour.
    To launch the course and begin building a platform of “a new breed of trainers,” they welcome the first 60 participants to enroll in the Prosperity Program for $249 complete. The program includes six audios and a companion manual, all available electronically through download. It is guaranteed to be a catalyst, a transitional tool that takes fitness professionals from "working" to "prospering."
    The first 60 participant / students will gain access to the Prosperity Profile, an interactive exercise allowing Phil & Kelli to assess prosperity potential. Students will also gain access to two small group coaching teleconferences as Phil & Kelli (the Prosperity Coaches) guide like-minded fitness pros to a new platform of excellence.
    60 days after enrollment, the Prosperity Coaches will assess personal progress and potential.
    The Prosperity Program includes:
    • Six Audios
    • A Downloadable Companion Manual
    • Your Prosperity Profile assessment
    • Two Coaching Teleconferences
    • 60 days of direction from Phil & Kelli
    Available at special pricing for a limited time open only to 60 qualified personal trainers. Find info or direct trainers to register at