I Lost It at the Club!, a fitness industry weight loss and healthy living initiative coordinated by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and sponsored by Michael Foods AllWhites, helped a total of 25,840 participating health club members lose 28,101 inches and more than 45 tons (90,068 pounds) of excess weight. This years fourth annual I Lost It at the Club!, which ran for eight weeks from January 7 to March 3, is one of several initiatives within the health club industry to help people become more physically active and live more healthful lives.

We congratulate all participants in this years program who acted on their decision to start off the new year right by making lifestyle changes for healthier living, said Joe Moore, IHRSAs President and CEO. We live in a time when the demands of daily life can cause us to become physically inactive, putting us at greater risk for developing serious chronic diseases. We hope that I Lost It at the Club! has provided club members with the motivation and support they need to commit to regular physical activity and healthier lifestyle choices.

IHRSA is pleased to recognize the following 2008 club winners in seven different categories:


·         Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Greatest Amount of Total Weight Loss)

·         Anytime Fitness, Grand Island, New York (Greatest Average Weight Lost Per Participating Member)

·         Discover Fitness Center, New Castle, Delaware (Greatest Percentage of Members Participating)

·         Gold's Gym, Bloomington, Illinois (Greatest Number of Members Participating)

·         Wave Health & Fitness, Boston, Massachusetts (Greatest Average Number of Inches Lost Per Participating Member)

·         The Works Family Health & Fitness, Somersworth, New Hampshire (Greatest Total Number of Inches Lost)

·         Snap Fitness 24-7, San Diego, California (Wild Card for All-Around Great Effort)

Were proud that such a large number of our members were motivated to exercise regularly and work hard to get results, said Jill Grant, Director of Fitness and Personal Training, Universal Athletic Club. Club members and club staff worked really hard together toward the same goal, and we saw great results. Were thrilled for all our club members who are so dedicated to improving their health and fitness.

Participating health clubs were encouraged to use I Lost It at the Club! to hold special educational seminars, introduce new programs and energize existing programs. Participating clubs also were encouraged to use the program to foster a sense of community in the club, bringing members together in a common program toward a common goal.

"I joined I Lost It at the Club! for the motivation, said Megan Nelson, winner of Universal Athletic Clubs Age 25 to 30 Group Category. I needed to lose weight after having my second baby. The program worked for me because of the accountability knowing that I would be weighing in once a week. I did cardio four to five times a week and lifted one to two times a week. I also ate lots of veggies. This combination helped me lose my goal of 25 pounds and stay healthy all winter. I Lost It at the Club! really motivated me!"

Participants in the 2008 I Lost It at the Club! program were weighed, received weight loss goals for the eight-week period and were given an activity card suggesting variations for their workouts and weight loss tracking sheets. Many clubs offered personal trainers, nutritional counseling, weekly motivational meetings and other health-related classes. AllWhites provided complimentary recipe booklets and coupons to participating clubs.

The support and sense of community that programs like I Lost It at the Club! offer come at a time when many Americans are struggling against obesity, inactivity and subsequent chronic disease. Many need help in the battle. In fact, according to a survey commissioned by IHRSA, although the vast majority of Americans (99%) believe that exercise helps preserve good health, most feel they have to battle current culture to exercise regularly. Four out of five Americans agree that The current culture in America, including the pressures of work, family and financial demands, makes it hard for people to exercise regularly and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Other IHRSA-Organized Consumer Health Initiatives
As part of the annual Get Active America! program started five years ago, a wide variety of health clubs nationwide offer health-focused programs each May and open their doors for free for several days. The goal is to make it easier for Americans to exercise and to help them build regular exercise into their daily routines. Get Active America! 2008 is sponsored by Michael Foods AllWhites and Advil.

IHRSA is a not-for-profit trade association representing health and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs and suppliers worldwide. IHRSA is committed to taking a leadership role in advancing physical activity, which is critical to America's health and the battle against obesity and disease. IHRSA supports effective national initiatives to promote more active lifestyles for all Americans and is working to pass laws that will help affect societal changes toward a fitter America. Visit www.ihrsa.org for more information.