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Jan. 18 2024

Dive into this 3-step makeover as you redefine your resolutions, both professionally, and personally


Did you know Friday, January 12th was National Quitter’s Day? If you’ve lost the excitement from your New Year’s Vision board and traded your resolutions for your old routine, you aren’t alone! National Quitter’s Day is the day that most people let resolutions go by the wayside.

Fitness professionals, just like any human, are not immune from losing sight of goals and visions amidst the daily grind of training clients, managing schedules and staying updated with the latest trends. If your business objectives and personal wellness seem to have faded, it's time for rejuvenation. Dive into this 3-step makeover to unstick yourself from the routine spiral as you redefine your resolutions, both professionally, and personally.

Step 1: Reflect

Every fitness professional's journey is unique. Your experiences, client interactions and personal milestones have shaped your perspective. Take a moment to journal:
1. What were my biggest professional achievements this year and last?
2. Which client transformation am I most proud of?
3. Whose mentorship or support has been invaluable to my growth?
4. In which areas of training or coaching have I excelled?
5. What changes would I implement in my professional practice if given a chance?

Step 2: Engage in Professional Discourse

Engage a peer, fellow trainer or mentor in a fun and enlightening dialogue of fresh insights. Try some of the following discussion prompts:
1. Describe your professional goals using three adjectives.
2. Which training techniques or methodologies brought the most success?
3. What challenges stopped you from bringing forth your best in client service?
4. Which industry trends or beliefs did you reassess this year?
5. What daily personal habits are standing in your way of professional fulfillment?
6. Who or what has been your primary inspiration in the fitness realm?

After your discussion, take 5 minutes to brain dump any inspirations that came to light. You might even make two columns on a piece of paper: “actions to start,” and “actions to stop.”

Step 3: Strategize for the Future

Use your top-of-mind thoughts to redefine lost resolutions:

1. Make space for the new: If you made a Vision Board or resolutions, cross out all of the following:
• Ones for which your passion has fizzled
• Dreams without tangible supporting actions
• Goals for which your obstacle list stops forward momentum

2. Pick one, and only one, big egg: Determine one area you wholeheartedly seek development, and devise your strategy:
• What additional certifications or knowledge do you require?
• Who can mentor or guide you in this aspect?
• What additional resources do you need?
• How will you measure your progress?
• Who will be your accountability partner?

3. Unstick yourself: Which habits, practices, or beliefs are hindering your professional growth?
• Identify them
• Identify what triggers these behaviors or beliefs to surface
• Select alternative thoughts or behaviors that you will use to respond when the triggers show up
• Set a personal reward for activating your new thought or behavior at least 80% of the time each week

Next Steps

With this plan, you can unstick yourself to move past Quitter’s Day with a commitment to redefined, actionable, resolutions. Consider this plan as your professional compass, guiding you through challenges and opportunities alike. Re-read your plan every week as a constant nudge toward your future self. If you find value in this process, empower a fellow fitness professional by sharing your insights.

Dr. Meredith Butulis, DPT, OCS, CEP, CSCS, CPT, PES, CES, BCS, Pilates-certified, Yoga-certified, has been working in the fitness and rehabilitation fields since 1998. She is the creator of the Fitness Comeback Coaching Certification, author of the Mobility | Stability Equation series, Host of the “Fitness Comeback Coaching Podcast,” and Assistant Professor the State College of Florida. She shares her background to help us reflect on our professional fitness practices from new perspectives that can help us all grow together in the industry.