I invested in a life-changing seminar on money more than a decade ago. As a newer business owner, it shattered my limiting beliefs. It was called “50 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made Your First Million…Yet.” The presenter was a vibrant, brilliant woman named Anne McKevitt. Over the course of eight weeks, I dialed into a conference call. Nothing fancy — no webinar platform, or Zoom line.  I followed along in a simple binder and took copious notes. Here is a lesson that hit me hardest and how I put it into practice. 

The presenter said that most money issues are actually mindset issues. She advised us to remove our emotion around money. Money is simply a commodity. When we give it attributes, such scarce, or hard-to-earn or attach intense feelings of greed or desire to it, we are building a relationship with it. Similar to food. Food is simply fuel. When we give it attributes, such as good or bad, or attach feelings of guilt, we create an unnecessary relationship. The result is harmful. When we attach emotion to money, we make moody, impulsive decisions rather than informed, intelligent decisions. That spoke to me. I knew I needed to change my thought pattern to succeed in business. 

I committed to a new way of thinking. In my life, I stopped feeling angry or happy when gas prices, milk prices or any common purchases cost more or less. I viewed it as a transaction. At my club, I stopped adding emotion around the money going out or in. For example, whether we had a big day in membership sales or boot camps, or we had a cancellation, I was neutral and calm. Instead, I channeled my energy into business strategy for attracting and retaining clients. I went deep in my thinking about people and their behaviors. Said differently, I put my emotion into building business relationships, rather than dwelling on financial transactions. 

This lesson felt like a minor shift, with major impact over time. I have built several profitable fitness businesses from the ground up — bricks and mortar, online and products.  I maintain control over money by not letting my emotions run wild. 

Trina Gray is a leading entrepreneur in the fitness industry with 20 years of experience. She owns Bay Athletic Club, a medically-based health club in Michigan. She founded a top on-line coaching team with BODi (formerly Beachbody), called Team Rockstar Fit. She helps fit pros expand their income to reach more people, outside of sessions and classes. She’s a sought after presenter and mentor, who has simplified her life. Connect with her at www.teamrockstarfit.com or IG @trinagray