NUTRI-GUIDE is a fully effective, omnipotent and all-powerful nutrition dictionary that, just as your private nutritionist does, helps you to be healthful and eat a well-balanced diet every day. With balanced nutrition, you will be more fit and in good health.


With NUTRI-GUIDE, you can inquiry about nutritional ingredients of varieties of food that make children grow fast and elders live healthy and longer. It is an indispensable bible for every family! The current number of people who need to lose weight in the world is more than 1.7 billion; even the population of obesity exceeds the population of hungry people.


Obesity has become the great epidemic in the 21st century; one person in every four is fat in the world, according to the investigation and evaluation of the World Health Organization (WHO). Obesity is so fearful, not because of the inherent problems but the diseases arise from it. NUTRI-GUIDE has stored information for more than 3,000 ingredients; it can calculate the total amount of individual nutrition absorbed every day and is convenient for looking up high quality food whenever and to whomever. It can also store nutrition file records for 30 days and the increased absorbed nutrition contrast of every month, establish the reasonable weight loss plans for adults so as to make us more healthy and have a balanced diet every day.


Obesity has become the major threat of health now. Mostly speaking, the reason of obesity is absorbing too many empty calories (the calories which provide a high index for the body but have no nutritional value). Because the diets consisting of empty calories lack the important nutrition ingredients, the immunity of our body to diseases will decrease; it consumes our energy at the same time, which makes the body difficult to operate normally. So how does the body absorb high quality calories to meet the all nutritional requirements required by health?


To realize the best healthy status and keep fit, we need to complement a diet rich in high quality calories every day and put an end to empty calories, which cause obesity. Therefore, we should absorb a variety of nutritional ingredients rich in high quality calories quantificational with pertinence, but for the purpose of losing weight and keep healthy chronically, you need the nutrition bible to enhance and record the each calorie index which you have absorbed in order to make you more fit and healthy.


The NUTRI-GUIDE includes the following:


·         Analyze fat and calculate the base metabolized value (calorie);

·         Inquire about food nutrition data at any time (content of per 100 grams);

·         Calculate the total amount of varieties of nutrition values absorbed each day;

·         Store nutrition file records for 30 days;

·         Newly add 20 food records (self-customized);

·         Build in more than 3,000 food information units in a local computer;

·         Contain the function of clock, alarm clock and eight-digit simple calculators;

·         LED backlight function;

·         Conversion between the metric system and British system;

·         Low-voltage inspection (display low voltage and turn off automatically below 2.5V);

·         Key-pressing sound on/off function;

·         Measure fat (conversion between metric system and British system)


NUTRI-GUIDE enabled balanced nutrition makes one fit and healthier, and it is a notebook for the health-conscious. For more information, please call Shoody Enterprises at 773.250.2042, 773.953.0111 or email