Aug. 3 2020

August 2020 PFP Trainer of the Month

    IRONMAN 2018 Finish

    Christine Conti, our August PFP Trainer of the Month, has been making a difference in the industry for over 20 years. Christine is a former All-American Collegiate volleyball player who was diagnosed with an advanced rheumatoid arthritis 10 years ago. Determined not to let anything stop her, “Yes You Can” became her mantra and her disease soon became her greatest gift. Christine’s business was born from her desire to inspire others that, “Anything is possible!” In addition to running her business, she helps support and mentor health and fitness professionals through her podcast, “Two Fit Crazies & a Microphone.”

    Here is a look at how Christine is raising the bar…

    Certifications/Qualifications: M.Ed. University of Maryland, BA Binghamton University, Nationally Certified Secondary English Teacher, Certified Varsity Coach, AFAA Primary Certification, AFAA CGFI, MedFit Education Foundation Board Member, Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC. CEO, Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast Owner/Co-Host, TFC Productions LLC. Co-Owner, Let’s FACE It Together™ Facial Fitness & Rehabilitation CEO/Founder Studio/Business Name: Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC., TFC Productions LLC., & Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast

    LinkedIn: Christine Conti

    PR/Recognition/Awards Received: Babylon High School NY Hall of Fame Inductee, All-American Collegiate Volleyball Player, 37 Marathon Finishes ( 10 top 10 finishes), 2x Ironman, Ironman World Endorsed/Featured Chemo-Athlete, MedFit Network Trainer of the Month January 2020, MedFit Trainer of the Year Finalist 2020, MedFit Arthritis Specialist Course -Author, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Magazine Cover Model 2019, Jersey Shore ANBF Ed Cole Inspiration Award, Winner of The Slip (TV Show) FOX 5 with Steve Harvey and Rob Gronkowski (appeared LIVE at Times Square on the New Years Eve Special 2019) Ran 40 miles for my 40th birthday to benefit The Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast Scholarship Fund.

    What inspired you to start your business?
    My grandmother was a quadripolygic for as far back as I can recall and my grandfather died from Parkinson’s disease. Overcoming adversity and fighting the onset of disease was all I ever knew. Although I enjoyed fame as an All-American collegiate athlete, I was diagnosed with an advanced rheumatoid arthritis 10-years-ago; the same disease that crippled my grandmother. However, I was determined not to let anything stop me! “Yes You Can” became my mantra and my disease soon became my greatest gift! My business was born from my desire to inspire others that “Anything Is Possible!”

    What is one hard lesson you’ve learned in business you believe has been most valuable?
    Transitioning from investment banking to secondary education and coaching to becoming an entrepreneur in the fitness industry was one of the most scary, challenging and rewarding experiences of my life (aside from becoming a wife and mother, of course). However, it took me almost 40 years to realize that if I didn’t start listening to my heart that kept telling me to chase my dreams, then I would still be working for other people trying to help them chase theirs. While inspiring others is my objective, the most valuable thing I have learned is that, in the business of fitness, your experience, education, and time is of great value.

    If I asked one of your clients why they choose you over other places/gyms/trainers, what would they likely say?
    “Yes You Can!” If you spend enough time with me, you will hear my clients, athletes, or local podcast listeners shout out this mantra at the: grocery store, at the park, at my son’s swim meet, etc.. The people who know me best know that I will believe in you until you start believing in yourself and that fitness starts with your mindset. My clients would also say that even though I have a disease, I will not let it stop me and therefore they also feel inspired to KEEP GOING!

    Name one or two ways you are trying to raise the bar in the industry?
    After 20 years in the fitness industry, I saw the need to create a platform for fitness and nutrition companies without marketing budgets to promote their businesses and share their knowledge with the world. Fast forward three years, I developed a network of highly successful, driven and inspirational entrepreneurs from around the globe. Through my podcast, I am able to help support and mentor health and fitness professionals as well as provide unbiased information to people looking to improve their physical and mental health. I have also created TFC Productions LLC, a podcasting production company and network of shows that helps people create and produce their own shows. I also serve on the MedFit Education Foundation Board of Directors while I am writing the Arthritis Exercise Specialist Course which will launch in the fall of 2020. In addition, I am the founder of Let’s FACE It Together™ Facial Fitness & Rehabilitation, the only one of its kind in the world. This is specifically designed to help those with various diseases such as: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, Strokes, Bell’s Palsy, speech impediments, and more.