The secret to effective marketing is simply to tell better stories. Stories are an effective way to connect with your audience. Over time, stories will communicate the ins and outs of your brand.

A good story has five components: introduction, characters, setting, plot and conclusion.

Good stories suck you in with a good introduction. Work on finding out what catches your audience’s attention. Comedy, action, questions, or powerful images all can work great.

People like characters they can relate to. Share stories about yourself, your coaches, and especially your clients. Let your audience take a journey into your world to see if they could fit somewhere.

The gym is obviously an easy setting for us to share stories. However, the impact we have on clients outside of the facilities is truly why we do what we do. Carrying groceries or taking stairs with more ease, keeping up with kids and grandkids, finding the confidence to wear a bikini on the beach again… these are extremely powerful settings that relate back to the story of your brand.

The plot is the internal make-up of each story, and part of your ongoing story. Share both big and small stories. Be sure you convey why it is significant to that client.

A strong conclusion can keep the story of your brand ongoing. Let your audience know that this isn’t the end and be sure there is a lasting impression that leaves your audience wanting more. Wrap it up with a call to action or statement that lets them know what to expect next.

Tell a better story by taking your statements and facts and make them into intriguing stories. Instead of, “Check out Jen deadlifting over 200 pounds!” share her story of success: “When Jen walked in a year ago, she never thought she would be able to find strength, empowerment, and confidence from a workout program. Today, she came in and crushed a 200-pound deadlift, a new personal best! Leaving the gym with a huge smile, and an even higher confidence. If you see Jen out and about today, be sure to congratulate her on her success!”

Build a better business by telling better stories!