Sunshine Fitness Resources, an organization dedicated to the development of fitness professionals on all levels, announces its purchase of Balletone. Balletone, which started six years ago as a single dance-based workout, has evolved into a growing family of programs across several genres accommodating a wider audience dance, fitness, Pilates and yoga-based workouts all rooted in three key principles that formulate a unique approach to instruction.


The Balletone family of workouts is fast-forwarding the mind/body and fitness movement as a hot fitness trend worldwide. Beyond the instructor trainings and workshops that are being held stateside at fitness conferences and clubs, Balletone has recently expanded to the UK, Hong Kong, Finland and Japan. All of the Balletone body-blasting and energizing, low-impact workouts consist of a unique blend of strength and flexibility movements which challenge every muscle in the body, while providing a solid cardiovascular workout as well. The workouts offer modifications that enable everyBODY to effectively perform them safely and effectively.


To continue Balletones widespread success, the formats were recently expanded to incorporate programs in four modalities:


  • Fitness Workouts for everyBODY
  • The Dancers Workout for everyBODY (the original Balletone format)
  • Pilates Workouts for everyBODY
  • Yoga Workouts for everyBODY

Balletone is more than a family of workouts its a teaching philosophy that can be fused into any teaching format. Many Balletone-trained group exercise instructors teach Balletone classes; others simply meld the Balletone method into their existing non-Balletone classes, elevating their group exercise instruction to a new level.


SFResources is making available more opportunities for studying the Balletone method and family of workouts including downloadable choreography and class plans, home studies, advanced training opportunities and more.


Visit the newly-designed Balletone website at for more information on Balletones latest offerings that include new programming, instructor trainings/workshops and a new soon-to-be-released DVD. Balletone is now accepting applications for host sites to offer Balletone trainings.


Sunshine Fitness Resources is an educational programming and professional development agency providing creative solutions to elevate the fitness professional while moving the fitness industry forward. Sunshine Fitness Resources and its educational branch, elevateEDUCATION, offers creative educational and programming solutions for the fitness industry, complete with a fresh perspective and innovative strategies from a team on the inside: current instructors, personal trainers and program developers and who have their fingers on the pulse of todays health clubs. elevateEDUCATION is an organization that warehouses education from over 60 fitness professionals as well as prominent fitness organizations, such as BOSU, Gliding, Urban Rebounding and Balletone. Additional information about Balletone can be found at, and information on Sunshine Fitness Resources is available on the Internet at More can be found on elevateEDUCATION, SF Resources educational arm, at Contact Shannon Fable for details on hosting a Balletone workshop at 720.207.9232 or at


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