PowerWave Power Clean

Developing total body strength and power is always a goal for athletes. The clean is also a great way to optimize triple extension at the ankle, knee and hips. The PowerWave 2.0 Crosstrainer is an excellent training tool for individuals looking to perform the power clean without using a barbell and instead using it for a combination of total body strengthening, explosive training and metabolic conditioning.

Execution: Position the PowerWave 2.0 flat on the ground so the long handles are facing the toes. Grasp the handles just below their attachment site and align the body in a full squat position with a neutral spine.

Pull the PowerWave off the floor by powerfully extending your legs (first pull), making sure to keep your back flat and your chest up. Once it passes above the knees, shift your torso to a vertical position and rebend your knees slightly (scoop), and then initiate the second pull by forcefully extending the hips, knees and ankles. The PowerWave will flip over (rotate 180 degrees) toward you as you as you move into the catch position in a quarter squat.

Since this is a more of a metabolic training approach, instead of standing up to finish the clean, the client will actually re-initiate triple extension to flip the PowerWave forward again and allowing it to descend to toward the floor while moving move back to the start position. Repeat this sequence for a set amount of time or repetitions.

In most cases, it is best to start out with a slower and more controlled movement (less emphasis on speed and power) to ensure proper form and control of the body in order to avoid poor movement patterns or injury. Once fatigue sets in, it is best to stop the exercise.

Application: This exercise offers a great way to build explosive strength and power throughout the entire kinetic chain. It emphasizes an explosive triple extension movement that can aid jumping, sprinting and explosive strength/power. As the load is much lower (12 KG for Spartan 2.0) than what might be used for Olympic lifting or power development, the PowerWave Crosstrainer is perfect for total body strengthening, power development and metabolic conditioning.

It can be used individually or as part of a fitness class. The variable models offered make it effective for women and men who want to use it as a stand alone exercise or incorporate this movement into a circuit.

I feel the handles and lower load allow for easier use and make it much less technically demanding to perform the movement correctly as compared to performing a barbell power clean. With that said, clients should possess a certain pre-requisite amount of ankle and hip mobility along with a good squat pattern prior to implementing this exercise.

Precautions: For clients with existing shoulder dysfunction (rotator cuff or labral injury, arthritis, or A-C joint pain), this exercise may place undue strain on the shoulder especially if the client is not using their legs and trunk sufficiently. Monitor form and stop the exercise if form falters. In addition, clients with existing back pain and/or disc pathology may not be suited for this activity, so it may be best to use a dowel or pic pipe prior to using the PowerWave 2.0.

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