Amanda Vogel

If you haven’t attended a presentation with Amanda Vogel at one of the major industry conferences, then you’ve likely read an article or feature she’s written for Fitness, SELF, Women’s Health, Prevention or Reader’s Digest Canada (to name just a few). And even if you haven’t “seen” her or read one of her compelling books or articles, you’ve likely experienced her expert work without even knowing it.

Her company, Active Voice, is a writing, editing and consulting service for the fitness industry. She’s a sought-after consultant helping some of the most respected names and brands in the industry increase business with her talent for relationship marketing, crafting compelling copy and for generating a massive social media presence. Here’s how Amanda successfully shares her message...

My ideal client is a health/fitness brand, public figure or company that understands the value of smart, carefully strategized social media marketing and professional writing. My clients range from business-minded personal trainers to big brands in need of guidance and support with social media, blogging and/or article writing. Even though I work as a consultant, I like to feel as if I’m involved in a team effort with my clients.

My message has always been about staying relevant or a little ahead of the curve—for myself and for my colleagues/clients. The fitness industry is always evolving, and I enjoy exploring how to remain optimally relevant through every progression in exercise, technology and business.

If I had only one way to share my message it would be through writing blog posts and magazine articles. I’ve been a professional writer in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. Writing has been a rewarding way for me to help fitness consumers with health/fitness and inspire fitness professionals to excel in their careers. If I could choose a second favorite way to share my message, I’d go with presenting at fitness conferences, where I welcome the opportunity to connect with a variety of fitness professionals face-to-face. (Instagram is a close third. I love to create eye-catching images.)

Successful messaging is anything that values your audience/followers and ultimately resonates with them.

People follow me because I provide content and information they can use to improve their own lifestyles, businesses and interactions with clients.