I took some time over the final days of the year and perused our 2016 issues looking for a handful of features that reflect the most pertinent topics and concerns that continue to face fitness professionals. 2016 was an especially great year of innovative content provided both in our magazine and on our website and a trend we certainly look to continue in to the new year!

    Bridging the gap between science and practice in fitness continuing education

    By Nick Tumminello

    Convert education into sales: the information balance equation

    By Ryan Carver

    Knowing how to help isn’t enough: Overcome the four biggest hurdles in selling

    By Sean Greeley

    Charge what you’re worth: Strategies to successfully increase your rates

    By Elsbeth Vaino

    Your fitness business LIVE! Use live broadcasting video to boost your business

    By Scott Rawcliffe

    Understanding psychographics to attract and retain clients

    By Lori Kennedy

    Is your independent contractor truly independent? Protect your business with proper classification

    By Melissa Knowles

    Get positive about cash flow: 5 steps to get a handle on your cash flow

    By Ryan Carver

    What is your training-to-business ratio? How to balance three key roles as your business grows

    By Sean Greeley

    What an objection really means: understanding the psychology of sales

    By Greg Vaughn

    If you missed any of our past issues, visit our archive page with digital versions of each of our issues. Each issue is chock full of timeless advice, inspiring stories of our industry colleagues and resources for equipment, tools and strategies to help you prosper as a fitness professional.

    A sincere thank you to all of our contributors who shared their knowledge and expertise over the last year; and a special thank you to you, our readers for trusting PFP as your go-to resource. Cheers to a prosperous 2017!