Certifications/Degrees: B.S. Kinesiology Emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition & Health. Clinical Nutritionist. Website:

With the perfect blend of fierceness and grace, Lauren Brooks has a knack for getting people motivated to move, change and challenge. As one of the most recognized authorities on kettlebell training, she is the founder of On the Edge Fitness, Inc. and creator of an internationally-recognized collection of training DVDs. Here’s how Lauren Brooks shares her message of strength and empowerment…

My ideal client understands that becoming a better version of themselves takes commitment, dedication, practice, consistency and, most of all, patience.

My message is you don’t have to slave away in a gym all day to achieve a healthy fit body. Instead, I teach people (a) how to hone-in on skill building rather than mindlessly and painfully going through the motions; (b) set training goals to move better, develop real strength (i.e. 3 pull-ups or 10 proper push-ups) and approach sessions as practice and; (c) to practice new skills and/or improve on existing skills as part of a fun training program. The fit looking body is a byproduct of consistent practice.

If I had only one way to share my message it would be through video. Creating DVDs and my online streaming membership program “Lauren’s Playground” has allowed me to share my highly motivating instructional videos to thousands of people around the world.

Successful messaging sparks something very deep inside the individual so that they take action and make a change. The transparency I’ve shown with my own struggles, sharing real stories that are easy to relate to, has given others hope that, with action, their goals are achievable!

People follow me because I’ve been known to magically motivate even the most unmotivated people by breaking down seemingly overwhelming tasks as part of a very effective, simple and fun approach. This alone has successfully transformed thousands of people around the world.