The Functional Aging Institute is now able to offer Functional Aging Specialist Certification. The group has been approved for CEUs by AFAA and ACE, and was just added to the SilverSneakers/Flex instructors approved certification list.

The Functional Aging Institute is dedicated to becoming the "go-to" source for training mature clients by providing fitness professionals with the most current, up-to-date and forward-thinking techniques and strategies. From certificate programs, full-blown certifications, blog posts, videos, seminars, on-site workshops and more, FAI is leading the way.

The FAI was founded in 2013 by leading functional aging experts Dan Ritchie, PhD and Cody Sipe, PhD. For over 15 years, Dan and Cody have been at the forefront of developing innovative, effective and science-based training programs for their older clients. Over the past 8 years they have shared their unique philosophies, techniques and insights with tens of thousands of trainers around the world. During that time they reviewed almost every "senior fitness" certification program on the market and could not find any that met their high standards. They decided then and there to create high quality certifications that would help fitness professionals to be more successful with the fastest-growing client base in the world... adults 55 and over. A team of highly-acclaimed experts is being assembled to develop content and help reach FAI's goal of 10,000 certified fitness professionals in 5 years.

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