Over the last year at PFP, we have shared with you different perspectives on fitness beyond the gym. The need for our services, expertise and professionalism as fitness professionals is increasingly more vital to the health and wellbeing of our communities. The challenges of rising obesity and preventable chronic disease in adults and children, the proliferation of fad diets and quick fixes and the dire need for caring individuals to be advocates and educators of a healthy lifestyle continue to stare us in the face. As fitness professionals we have greater opportunity than ever to change lives all while fulfilling our personal, business and financial goals.

As you reflect on how you will go forward into this next year, let's all try to make at least one significant change in our business or practice to impact the health and wellbeing of our nation. This is all done one client, one fitness professional, and one community at a time.

Here are some ideas:

- Launch a new product or service.
- If your resources allow, enter a new market; consider a special population untapped by the industry.
- Make a big hire. Whether it's a partnership, joint venture, an assistant or an additional trainer, invest your time and resources into someone who can help your business grow substantially.
- Make a commitment to your community. Align with a local organization to feature your expertise, where you can actively promote healthy living and that gives you a perfect chance to get in front of your community of potential clients.

I hope you enjoy this issue of PFP, Looking Forward. Be inspired to find your authentic self by our Journey to Success featured professional, Leanne Ellington, and be sure to spend some time reading the insights of a handful of our industry leaders as they share their Top 5 Success Tips. I would even suggest you keep a copy of these tips visible all year -- they are that good! The power of sharing knowledge among our professional peers is a key element to our success as individuals and as an industry, and I think this issue does just that.

As PFP looks forward, I am excited about helping each of you prosper in 2012.

Here's to looking forward,