Power Systems, Inc. announces a totally new approach to personal and sports performance training with the creation of the Total Training Seminars, www.totaltrainingseminars.com. These unique two-part seminars combine lively lectures on the latest training trends and then apply these newly learned techniques in a supervised, hands-on environment. The one day workshops are designed for personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists and other wellness professionals who want to kick start their programs and businesses with new, creative personal and sports performance training techniques and drills.

Designed for professionals, by professionals, Total Training Seminars incorporate the elements of strength, sport performance, core, and wellness and are taught by the Total Training Team, an experienced group of professionals dedicated to providing quality education in a lecture/hands-on setting. The Total Training Team includes certified strength and conditioning specialists and personal trainers from the Power Systems Education Team as well as other respected industry professionals.

The one-day seminars are held in conjunction with Evolution Fitness Conferences (www.evolutionfitnessconference.com) with the Total Training Seminar on Saturday and the Evolution Fitness Conference on Sunday. The 2007 Total Training Seminar schedule is: May 19 Irvine, CA; June 9 St. Louis, MO; and September 22 Boston, MA.

Total Training Seminar attendees will learn how to run a thriving personal training business, edge out the competition with new, creative methods for balance training, tame and train the weekend warrior, raise the bar on their training programs with insider tips for the nations top sports performance coaches and much more.

Total Training Seminars are certified as continuing education courses by ACE, ACSM, AEA, AFAA, NASM/BOC, NATA/BOC, NCSF, NETA, and NSCA. Participants earn valuable CECs/CEUs upon seminar completion.

More information is available at www.power-systems.com.


Nicki Anderson  

Owner of Reality Fitness, a personal training studio in Naperville, Illinois. Nicki promotes her life fitness strategies in her studio and throughout the country via seminars, magazine articles, and radio and television appearances. She has written hundreds of articles for health and fitness publications and Web sites. She is the Fitness Focus columnist for Chicagos suburban newspapers and Family Fitness expert for eDiets. Nicki is certified as a Fitness Practitioner by the AFAA, an IDEA Master Trainer, and certified by NASM. She is a member of the Personal Training Committee for IDEA. Additionally, she sits on the USA Today Entrepreneur Advisory Board, IHRSA Entrepreneur Advisory Board for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Programming Committee for IDEA.

Steve Cotter, CSCS, ACSM-HFI

Creator of Full KOntact Kettlebells System/DVDs and Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVD series. Steve draws from his experience and diverse background as a martial artist, world-class athlete, and fitness coach to develop the most complete programs in strength and conditioning today. Throughout his lifelong study, Steve has researched and implemented the most effective training methods in the martial arts, chi gong, strength and conditioning, athletics, and human performance fields. Steve is a consultant to the San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, and other professional sport teams as well as a strength and conditioning consultant to US Marines at Quantico Marine Corps Base.


Owner/Director of the 180 Center for Health and Performance in Edmond, Oklahoma. Jay has been featured in a number of well-received instructional videos, co-authored 101 Drills and Games for Conditioning Athletes, and authored numerous articles for industry publications, including Strength and Conditioning Journal, NSCA Performance Training Journal, Training and Conditioning Magazine, and American College of Sports Medicine Certified Newsletter. He is a frequent national- and state-level presenter on various topics related to health, performance, and personal training. Jay is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University in health and human performance/exercise science and serves as the head performance enhancement specialist for the USA Paralympic Sit-volleyball team.

Shannon Griffiths Fable  

2006 ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the Year, Founder/CEO of Sunshine Fitness Resources, and Group Fitness Director at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder. Shannon is an international presenter and Master Trainer for several well-known companies including Nautilus Health & Fitness Group, BOSU, and ACE. She consults on educational products and programming in addition to conducting continuing education workshops all over the world.

Tom Perkins  

Business Coach/Consultant, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutritionist. As a successful business owner with experience working with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, Tom brings a unique perspective to the fitness industry. With 17 years of experience, he understands the intricacies of the fitness industry and is an expert in the process of building a rewarding and profitable fitness enterprise. Toms passion for the fitness industry is governed by two philosophies: bring the mind and the body will follow and stay focused until the miracle happens. Tom prides himself on his ability to inspire people. He holds certifications from NESTA as a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Nutritionist in addition to a degree in business management/accounting.

Matt Poe  

Sports Performance Specialist. Matt has worked with more than 60,000 athletes and is credited with starting the private-sector business of sport-specific speed development for athletes in Tennessee. He holds certifications from the International Sports Science Association in the areas of sport conditioning, sport performance nutrition, fitness therapy, and youth fitness and is a certified track and field coach through the United States Track and Field School. He currently serves as a consultant for numerous organizations and travels worldwide administering camps, seminars, and demonstrations. Matt is an active United States Weightlifting Champion and recently received an invitation from the United States Armed Forces to execute lifting demonstrations for our troops. He also will serve as the United States Team Captain for the Raw Dogs Powerlifting Team. Matt graduated from the University of Tennessee where he was a football letterman.

Rob Rose  

Rob has been conditioning athletes since 1990 and is considered a leader in reaction and first-step training. He has used his innovative ideas in training top level professional, college, and amateur athletes for football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. Rob graduated from George Mason University with a degree in sports medicine and worked for five years in the field of athletic training and sports physical therapy. He conducts lectures and workshops on sports-specific training throughout the nation.

David Sandler, MS, CSCS*D  

Co-owner/President of StrengthPro Nutrition and its parent company StrengthPro Inc. of Las Vegas and former University of Miami Assistant Strength Coach and Head of Baseball. David has been a consultant and advisor on strength and power for 17 years working with many diverse organizations and clients groups. He has delivered more than 100 presentations worldwide and authored or co-authored four books and more than 75 articles in both peer-reviewed and lay publications. He is completing his doctoral degree at the University of Miami.

Chat Williams, MS, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT*D  

Southwest Coordinator for the NSCA and Wellness Coordinator at The Health Club in Norman, Oklahoma. Chat also sits on the NSCA Personal Trainer Special Interest Group Executive Council. He is the past NSCA State Director of Oklahoma and 2004 State Director of the Year. Chat earned a masters degree in health and sport science from the University of Oklahoma.

Power Systems Team

Robert Lindsey, CSCS, USAW  

As the Director of Education for Power Systems Inc., Roberts background includes a bachelors degree in exercise science from Oklahoma State University and 17 years experience as a college strength and conditioning coach. A two-time NSCA Coach of the Year, Robert has coached All-Americans and Olympians. He is a Resist-A-Ball Master Instructor and a CEC provider for ACE, ACSM, AEA, AFAA, NASM, NATA, NETA, and NSCA. He recently developed the very popular Sports Performance Boot Camp video for group exercise and presents his program at fitness conferences nationwide. Additionally, Robert is CSCS and USAW certified, and is a recognized authority on sport performance training. He has authored numerous training articles and presented at sport performance conferences across the country.


B. Daryl Shute, MS, CSCS  

Daryl has nearly 20 years of experience in the fitness industry where he has had the opportunity to work in many areas of the business. His background includes working in the education departments of ISCA, Resist-A-Ball, and Power Systems Inc. and directing more than a thousand Resist-A-Ball workshops. He holds a bachelors and a masters degree in exercise physiology, and he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with NSCA. As a CEC provider for ACE, ACSM, AEA, AFAA, NASM, NATA, NETA, and NSCA, Daryl has had the honor and pleasure of sharing his knowledge with others at the conference level as well as many individuals while personal training.


Robyn Quattlebaum, NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES  

Robyn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from the University of Tennessee. She has been a personal trainer for the past five years and has a background in medical fitness and rehabilitation. She enjoys sharing her passion for fitness with her clients and making a positive impact on their lives. In addition to being a Resist-A-Ball Master Instructor and a national presenter for Power Systems Education, Robyn is also a CEC provider for ACE, ACSM, AEA, AFAA, NASM, NATA, NETA, and NSCA.


Meredith Tribble  

Meredith has worked in the health and fitness industry for eight years. She began her career as a certified Body Pump instructor through Les Mills International and since then has added Body Step and Body Flow certifications. To expand her specialty training, she obtained instructor certifications in Spinning from Mad Dogg Athletics and Kick Boxing from AFAA and ISCA. She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and is working toward the ACE Personal Trainer certification. Meredith earned a bachelors degree in sports management from the University of Tennessee. She worked in fitness center management and sales for four years before joining Power Systems Education Department.


Amanda J. Douglas, NSCA-CPT  

Amanda holds a bachelors degree in management and is working toward a masters in education. She recently earned Certified Personal Trainer status through the NSCA. As an Education Representative for Power Systems Inc., Amanda coordinates the companys corporate wellness program as well as plans and participates in industry conferences nationwide.



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