Yoga makes people feel happier, stronger and healthier. Just ask the over 17 million Americans who practice yoga regularly. On January 27, Yoga Day USA offers those who have not tried yoga the opportunity to experience first-hand how this centuries-old practice can enrich their lives. Free, low cost or by donation workshops will be offered in communities nationwide as part of the eighth annual celebration.
"We see more evidence every day that yoga is a valuable tool for people of all ages, body types and fitness levels to improve their quality of life," says Yoga Alliance® President and CEO Stephen Russell. "We are thrilled to have so many participating studios sponsoring workshops across the country in a wide variety of styles which everyone, from first-timers to experienced yogis, will enjoy."
Yoga Day USA has experienced exceptional growth since its inception in 1999 and is expected to have its most diverse and abundant workshop offerings on January 27. Last year the number of programs offered during the nationwide event doubled compared to 2005.

"We hear daily about the negative effects of poor eating habits, not enough exercise and excessive stress on our lives," comments Russell. "Yoga can help us to reverse those effects and reclaim our quality of life. Yoga Day USA offers everyone an ideal opportunity to start on the path to feeling better in 2007."
"People begin to practice yoga for many reasons," says Russell. "It might be stress or pain relief, improved fitness or weight management. Regardless of why they began, most say yoga has provided them with a heightened sense of well-being that has made yoga essential in their lives."
Medical research is now confirming what those who practice yoga have been reporting for decades. Studies have demonstrated that practicing yoga postures (asanas), meditation or a combination of both reduced pain for those with cancer, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and chronic conditions such as hypertension, arthritis, asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome among others.
Yoga Day USA is sponsored by Yoga Alliance®, a non-profit professional organization setting educational standards for yoga teachers and schools. Sponsors for Yoga Day USA also include Yoga Journal, Hugger Mugger, Gaiam, Inc., Wellness Business Systems, Yoga Plus Joyful Living, Body and Soul and Backbone Media.
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