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Aug. 17 2006 12:00 AM

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., a world leader in fitness education and purveyor of the Spinning® indoor cycling brand, announced today that it will launch FitCore® Pilates in conjunction with Marci Clark, formerly of PHI Pilates. FitCore will offer a comprehensive suite of instructor education options, branded products and DVDs. Mat Pilates Foundations, the first instructor training slated, will be available beginning in winter 2006. The company also plans to launch a new Pilates reformer and supporting instructor education in late 2006.

FitCores mission is to offer fitness professionals comprehensive, affordable and expedient Pilates training that is adaptable to the multi-level class structure frequently found in the facility environment. Because proper alignment is the foundation of the Pilates program, it is the perfect complement to any sport or fitness program. This coupled with the fact that according to American Sports Data, Pilates participation increased 495% between 1998 and 2005, means that Pilates certification makes almost any fitness professional more marketable to facilities and clients.

My goal is to make safe and effective Pilates training more widely available both in the U.S. and internationally, states Clark. Given MDAs credibility and global success with the Spinning program, they are the perfect partner for creating and launching best-in-class instructor education and equipment.

Marcis extensive experience in the fitness industry will propel MDA closer to its mission of offering fitness professionals the most extensive, relevant and innovative training programs available, states John Baudhuin, President and CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics. By blending her expertise with MDAs vast experience in fitness education and marketing, we aim to bring the benefits of safe and effective Pilates training to a broader audience while making MDA a one-stop fitness education resource for instructors worldwide.

About Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.
Venice California-based Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., steward of the Spinning brand of indoor cycling, is the worldwide leader in indoor group cycling bikes, education and products. The company works closely with Star Trac® on its patented line of Spinner bikes and develops and markets Spinning instructor orientations, continuing education programs and offers a complete line of Spinning-branded apparel and accessories. With its team of over 150 Master Instructors, MDA has trained over 120,000 Spinning instructors in 80 countries worldwide. For more information about Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. visit


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