We all want a sexy, toned backside of the body, but training this area of the body can be a challenge. Let’s face it: the backside of the body gets little to no love! Many of us have jobs that require a lot of sitting. Minimal movement develops weak and tight muscles of the spine, hamstrings, and glutes. If these muscles are not trained, stretched and challenged, injury may occur.
    At the end of the day, your mission is to work that stubborn area of the body in the most efficient way to maximize energy output, muscles worked and most importantly, your time. These five moves will shape, tone and put you in the zone.
    Perform one set of 15–20 reps of each exercise, quickly transition into the next move with little to no rest in between. For best results, do this mini backside blaster three times through twice a week.

    1. Rolling Reverse Lunge
      • Balance standing on the right leg. Stagger the legs so the left leg can be placed on the ball, shoelaces face down. (A wall or chair could be used for balance support.)
      • Maintain a neutral spine and roll the ball backwards into a deep lunge. The front knee stays in line with the ankle.
      • Perform seamless, deep lunges while pressing the top of the back foot into the RAB. Torso remains lifted throughout exercise.
      • Advanced Challenge: Stay low in the lunge and roll the ball in & out at different tempos!
    2. Standing Single Leg Reach and Balance
    3. Balance on the right leg while holding the RAB in front of the body. Left leg is extended straight behind.
    4. Keep a focal spot for balance. Simultaneously lean forward to touch the floor and lift the back leg higher. (mimic a sea saw motion) Both legs remain slightly bend.
    5. Feel the stretch behind the back of the legs. *Repeat Reps then change legs.
    6. Start seated on the ball. Walk forward so that the ball rolls up the spine until the head, neck, and shoulders are supported and the hips are in the air. Finger tips can touch the floor for more balance. Lift the hips to table top and then lower them half way down. Try to only move the hips, not the ball!
    7. Do 3 different feet positions: legs parallel, legs turned out, & legs together. (Instant Burn!!!)
    8. Advanced Challenge: Movement can be done on a single leg.
    9. Lye supine on the floor with legs extended and heels on the ball.
    10. Lift the hips up to the ceiling. (Keep the feet/ legs parallel.)
    11. Begin to roll the ball towards your seat with the hips remaining in extension.
    12. Perform 10-20 reps slowly at an even tempo – then turn up the heat by adding pulses 20x!
    13. Advanced Challenge: Perform movement slowly on a single leg! (Can you say, “Ouch?!”)
    14. Lye over the ball with the feet strongly supported so slipping does not occur.
    15. Place backside of hands on the forehead with the elbows wide.
    16. Simultaneously and slowly, lift the torso and twist to the right side. Hold this movement, then alternate sides. (make a ‘U’ shape with the upper body)
    17. Keep the belly pulled in and the back elongated throughout the exercise. (After this exercise there will be no love handles to handle!
    18. Supine Bridge Lift
    19. Hamstring Curl
    20. Back Extensions with a Twist

    Want an extra challenge? Try adding short bursts of cardio between each exercise or after all five exercises are performed in the sequence.