Take an in-depth look at the science behind sport nutrition with
    the second edition of Sport
    Nutrition: An Introduction to Energy Production and Performance
    Kinetics, January 2010). The new text presents the principles, background,
    and rationale for current nutrition guidelines specifically for athletes.
    Readers will come away with a comprehensive understanding of nutrition as it
    relates to sport and the influence of nutrition on exercise performance,
    training, and recovery.

    not only nutrition principles but also the exercise biochemistry involved and
    the energy needs of athletes. Readers will better understand how supplements
    may be used in an athlete's diet, and they will learn how to separate fact from
    fallacy regarding the claims of the numerous nutritional supplements available
    today. This edition also offers ancillary materials for instructors as well as
    updated and expanded information on these topics:

    • Effects
      of nutrition on training adaptations

    • Weight
      management and body composition for athletes

    • Research
      on carbohydrate and recommendations for carbohydrate intake during training

    • The role
      of protein in strength and endurance training

    • Exercise,
      nutrition, and immune function

    More than a simple prescription of
    recommendations, the second edition of Sport Nutrition features a unique presentation that facilitates
    readers' understanding of the science supporting the nutrition recommendations.
    As a result, students will be prepared for advanced study and future careers,
    and professionals will gain the knowledge and confidence to provide sound
    advice to athletes.

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    Second Edition,
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