The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) today announced a restructured continuing education provider program that makes it easier and more affordable to align industry training sessions, conferences and coursework with a global leader in personal training certification and sports performance training.

“The updated Continuing Education provider program is a win-win for everyone,” said Sarah Bulger, NASM Provider Program Director and Manager of the Board of Certification. “Not only will industry educators have access to an elite group of personal training and sports performance professionals, NASM credentialed trainers will have greater access to industry trends and information by increased participation of continuing education providers.”

NASM certified personal trainers (NASM CPT) are required to complete 2.0 (or 20) continuing education units (CEUs) within a two year period in order to keep their certification current. To help these leading professionals stay up to date, NASM partners with the best continuing education providers, offering hundreds of course options delivered in a variety of formats including workshops and seminars, conferences, home study courses and online programs.
“Receiving the NASM ‘Seal of Approval’ offers many benefits for continuing education providers,” said Scott Lucett, NASM director of education. “Fitness industry education and information providers expand their reach through the thousands of online visitors to, and maximize their return on investment through NASM’s affordable ConEd provider program rates.”

NASM’s Continuing Education Provider program is designed to provide reputable continuing education opportunities to NASM certified professionals through a variety of sources that support and uphold the NASM Board of Certification’s high standards.

To learn more, or to apply to become an NASM-approved continuing education provider, or call 800.460.NASM (6276).



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