Note: In this lengthy piece I'm going to make an offer. Stop reading now unless you're prepared to read this in its entirety. I'm opening a door for 100 fitness professionals to walk through, but it's only open for those who are willing to step outside the bounds of convention. Are you unsatisfied with your present career? Are you willing to believe there's more? Are you prepared to step forward, to move with the mass of new fitness leaders? If so, get comfortable. There's a lot to read...

It's almost Thanksgiving. Then comes the holiday season, and then 2010. Of course, you knew that already, but rather than waiting until the onset of the new year to resolve to make 2010 better than 2009, resolve now.

If you're a longtime subscriber to the industry's core magazine, we're kindred spirits. Since its premier issue, I've contributed to PFP - Personal Fitness Professional, sharing perspectives, ideas and insights that were all intended to help you find betterment. The idea of "being better" is a universal want, and part of the beauty of our chosen career stems from the fact that we grow better as we are better rewarded for helping others. It's a win across the board, assuming you are one of the few who find career security, longevity and prosperity in the field of personal training.

Sure, there are many who are going to challenge my assertion, to suggest that lots and lots of trainers find exceptional reward in this field. I base my perspective on 25 years of being in the trenches meeting with fitness professionals worldwide. In my experience, while many love what they do for a living; few learn to prosper as they deserve.

The Present = the Predecessor of What Is Yet to Come
It's time for things to change. I'm about to make an offer to 100 personal trainers. I can promise you three things. One, this opportunity is long-awaited and has been decades in the making. Two, it can change your life in ways you can barely imagine right now; and three, it will establish 100 personal trainers as pioneers in a realm that allows for untapped power, wealth and reward. Skeptical? Apprehensive? Good, that's healthy, but if you're the least bit intrigued, read on...

The Future Is Yours to Create - with Persuasion Power
I am not going to pepper this with hype and nonsense. I'm not going to promise all of your dreams will come true, nor will I lead you to believe the world will celebrate your existence because of an intergalactic marketing secret developed by Klingon masterminds. I'm going to do something better. I'm going to empower you with the ability to evoke the word "yes" anytime you want, anywhere you want, with any population you want. I'm going to teach you to persuade anyone who has a genuine need or interest to commit to whatever program you feel is best. I'm going to teach you to turn your income on like a switch and to crank the juice as often and as high as you'd like.

I'm going to release the secrets of ultimate persuasion, secrets I've compiled under the heading of my "NAVAQA System of Influence."

It isn't my ego that assures you that nobody has captured the essence of emotional persuasion as I have. It's my track record. It's two decades of study, development, implementation and mastery of a skill set that I can teach to anyone who has a strong moral compass and the want to better the lives of others. It's the ins and outs, the whys and hows, the details and strategy behind my one-of-a-kind system.

I've generated over $2,000,000 (yes, over two million dollars) selling this information in private presentations, consulting projects and well-protected seminars, and after 20 years of guarding this information, I'm going to release it to 100 fitness professionals. You can be one of the 100. It will change you, and with this opportunity I'm about to present, the change you'll experience will be unprecedented.

Now Is the Time
Why, if this has been my protected secret, would I reveal it now? Everything has its time and place, and finally, it's time. Follow my articles through the evolution of PFP, and it becomes clear that there's a stacking property, a strategic direction that allows each article to stack upon all others that preceded it for new awareness and new insight. The release of this information is now timely.

It connects with our health care crisis and the skewed discussions politicians use as platforms. The power of what I'm about to share is amplified by the general public's distaste for the present medical system. The emergence and explosion of 21st-century diseases ranging from metabolic syndrome to chronic inflammatory disease further contribute to the value of releasing this information right now. The release of the NAVAQA system, in its entirety, for the first time ever, is 100% in line with my vision and the legacy I hope to leave.

For the last three years, I've crystallized my vision of what I hope to represent. I've established a platform upon which fitness professionals willing to step outside the boundaries of convention will stand proud. I've proven, with a select group of personal trainers, that it is not only possible, it is just to find reverence for the good that we do. We can change bodies, we can change lives, we can save lives, and I dare say, we can cure disease. I have a parade of doctors willing to stand beside me and scream the virtues of the power we have if we're willing to unleash it. Yes, we deserve to be revered, and along with that reverence should come respect and compensation.

I know this is sounding a bit abstract, but stay with me. I've never been this clear on a collective outcome. The personal training industry is going to birth a new breed of personal trainer, a trainer who commands professional recognition. At the advanced stages, we need to understand how to assess physically, biochemically and emotionally, all within our scope of practice, but the most advanced training techniques will fall short unless the power to persuade is developed, honed and mastered. Career growth and power for personal fitness trainers begins with the ability to win people over, to get beyond the apprehensions we all have about asking for money.

As a fitness professional moves beyond the hurdle of what he or she once believed required "selling," new doors open, new opportunities reveal themselves and an entirely redesigned future begins to unfold.

In driving my own career and, ultimately, in creating a path for others to follow, I've developed a strategy that allows you, a deserving personal fitness trainer, to influence, to command the income you deserve and to build career security and longevity without ever having to stoop to the level of selling we've come to abhor. The emotional persuasion techniques upon which my system is built come from psychology (emotional response and reaction), neurobiochemistry (how the brain shifts chemically when we achieve specific states or emotions) and the simple conscious and subconscious principles of rapport and persuasion.

While my NAVAQA system drives commitment, it has nothing at all to do with selling as you perceive it. NAVAQA is ethical. It is comfortable. It is foolproof.

In the past, I delivered the primary elements of NAVAQA in a three-day workshop, followed by ongoing consulting. The fees I collected ranged from $9,000 in a weekend to over $150,000 over the term of an agreement. I want to offer you all of the benefits my best consulting clients received over the years, and I want to do this affordably for 100 trainers who have the drive to consider stretching.

After much contemplation, after sharing only the primary elements of NAVAQA in my business forum and roundtable groups, I'm going to release a new book in 2010, Commanding Yes: Emotional Persuasion for Fitness Professionals Committed to Greatness. The planned release allows me the ability, today, to make a one-time offer. Here it is. We're going to connect for eight days, and I'm going to provide you a library of information that you've never seen before.

I'm going to allow the first 100 trainers to commit to an eight-day workshop series (via brief interactive teleconferences and web offerings) to get a downloadable and fully printable version of the manuscript of Commanding Yes. These will be the first 100 copies ever released anywhere. Within the eight days of interactivity, I'll share not only the complete curriculum from my acclaimed 8 Days of Change program but interactive coaching that will allow you to gain new insights into the power of NAVAQA.

I said that for this offering I wanted to make it affordable. I meant ridiculously affordable. I just told my friend and colleague, Kelli Calabrese, about the offer I'm about to make, and she near fainted. Honestly. She kept asking me, "Are you sure you want to do this?" My answer was "yes."

"Yes" is a word you're going to learn to summon from others at will. You'll learn about the one-way power flow used in the military, about the human mind's susceptibility to key triggers, about the mistakes that you can forever avoid and about keys to changing mindsets in moments.

The complete downloadable manuscript, along with the extended 8 Days of Change curriculum, is not $150,000, not $9,000, not even $1,000. It is $149, and remember, if you're one of the select 100, all of the material, including the audio from the coaching calls, will be fully downloadable and available in its entirety.

I said it. $149. I meant it. I'm sticking to it, but only for 100 trainers.

The eight days will begin just after Thanksgiving. It's an ideal time to stoke up your potential for 2010.

Register now at

If you aren't ready to register, but you're anxious, intrigued and/or a bit apprehensive, don't wait. Call Aditi. Aditi is my assistant. She knows the power of this program, and she can answer any and all of your questions, but call her before we fill the 100 slots. Her direct line is 954.822.7711; her email is

Prepare. 2010 will blow you away with the new potential and power you come to realize, and it only gets better from there.

Be better. Always.



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