Feb. 19 2015
Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have found that a compound produced by the body when dieting or fasting can block a part of the immune system involved in several inflammatory disorders such as type... View More
Feb. 18 2015
Increasing fiber consumption could be a simple change to aid with weight loss and boost other areas of health, according to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Continued at MedicalNewsToday>>
Feb. 17 2015
Study shows downhill running does not increase risk of Achilles injury - as long as you work it in gradually. Like many runners, former BYU track star Katy Andrews Neves has had her share of injuries.... View More
Feb. 16 2015
Among the complications of obesity include an increased risk of heart disease. But for children and adolescents who are obese, this risk could be reduced with a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet. This is... View More
Feb. 11 2015
Lots of us will have made a New Year's resolution to either lose weight or increase fitness levels for 2015. Unfortunately, more than 90% of us are likely to have given up 2 months in. If this sounds like... View More
Feb. 10 2015
The evolutionary pressures on our early ancestors helped to shape the biology in our bodies today. Early man gained survival advantage by extracting the most calories from the smallest amount of food.... View More
Feb. 9 2015
An estimated 19 million activity trackers were used in 2014, but when it comes to tracking steps and calories, how many of those were actually accurate? A new study commissioned by the American Council... View More
Feb. 6 2015
As high doses of green tea extract supplements for weight loss become more popular, potential liver toxicity becomes a concern. In the last decade, dozens of people have been diagnosed with the condition.... View More
Feb. 5 2015
The new sporting craze of 'Walking Football' may enable people to continue playing football into their 60s and 70s while reaping a multitude of health benefits, according to Aston University researchers.The... View More
Feb. 4 2015
Smoking is the primary cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the US, accounting for 80-90% of all cases. For the remaining 10-20%, it is believed exposure to air pollution, secondhand smoke... View More
Feb. 3 2015
In the US, the rate of childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past 3 decades. But in a new study, researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK say they have identified a number of... View More
Feb. 2 2015
A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the majority of pre-packaged meals and snacks for toddlers in the US contain high levels of salt or sugar, which researchers say could... View More
Jan. 30 2015
Preventing inflammation in obese fat tissue may hold the key to preventing or even reversing type 2 diabetes, new research has found. Researchers from Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, with... View More
Jan. 29 2015
Research results support calls for better player protections A team of Johns Hopkins specialists, using a battery of imaging and cognitive tests, has gathered evidence of accumulated brain damage that... View More
Jan. 28 2015
A new study due to be published Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggests that teenagers who have a false perception of themselves as being overweight are... View More
Jan. 27 2015
Seven in ten (70%) parents with children aged 4 to 16 have been pestered by their children to buy junk food they have seen advertised on TV, according to a new survey by the British Heart Foundation ahead... View More
Jan. 26 2015
New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison reports that 77 percent of the U.S. population has adequate access to exercise opportunities. According to the study, the top 10 percent of counties... View More
Jan. 22 2015
Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Gosling and Jenny McCarthy are just some of the celebrities who have adopted a gluten-free diet - not necessarily because they have a gluten intolerance, but because they deem the... View More
Jan. 21 2015
We all love pizza. No one likes to hear anything bad about pizza. But it might be wise to keep an eye on your kids' intake of this delicious circular meal if the results of a new study published in the... View More
Jan. 20 2015
You may have more success in accomplishing a healthy living goal if your partner is making a similar change. This was the conclusion of a new study that examined the influence of partner behavior on people's... View More