November is American Diabetes Month and the Journal of the American Dietetic Association takes a closer look at how family income can have an effect on a child's risk for the disease. Other studies in the issue take a closer look at children's health including the effect that counseling and increased physical activity have on children's obesity.
This issue’s news:
·Diabetes Risk Higher among Children in Low-Income Families
·Heart Failure Risk Higher in High-Fat Dairy and Egg Eaters; Lower in Whole Grain Eaters
Research studies featured in the November 2008 Journal of the American Dietetic Association include:
·Cognitive, Behavioral and Social Factors are Associated with Bias in 9-11 Year Old Schoolchildren's Dietary Questionnaire Self Reports
·Providing Obesity Prevention Counseling to Children During a Primary Care Clinic Visit: Results From a Pilot Study
·Grains Are Similarly Categorized by 8-13 Year Old Children
·Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care: What Parents Recommend
·Black Children With High Preferences for Fruits and Vegetables are at Less Risk of Being at Risk of Overweight or Overweight
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