Score another home run for the 2007 World Series Champions. David Page, Boston Red Sox strength and conditioning coach, received the Life Fitness Nolan Ryan Award, named after the Hall of Fame pitcher, on Sept. 10 at Fenway Park. The annual award presented by Hammer Strength and Life Fitness honors the professional baseball strength and conditioning coach whose accomplishments, as recognized by members of the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society, have earned him distinction in his field.
    “Endurance, agility and stamina are the keys to our program, and Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment are an integral part of our training regime,” said Page. Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment are prominent in the team’s various training facilities, including those used in Boston’s Fenway Park.
    Previously spending six years as the strength coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Page joined the Boston Red Sox in 2005. Through experience and tenure, Page has made significant contributions to the health, fitness and performance of the team and has distinguished himself as a leader among coaches, according to his peers. This award recognizes his personal accomplishments and integrity as a strength and conditioning coach.
    Page will receive a plaque to commemorate the award, a personal letter from Ryan and a financial stipend of $1,500 toward the purchase of new Hammer Strength and Life Fitness strength-training and conditioning equipment.
    Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation, is a global leader in designing and manufacturing a full line of high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use. Life Fitness’ cardiovascular and strength-training products, including the Lifecycle exercise bike, are used worldwide in health clubs, fitness centers and wellness facilities, as well as in homes. The company is headquartered near Chicago, in Schiller Park, Ill., and distributes its equipment in more than 120 countries.