When someone first starts an exercise program that you have created, they will probably see some pretty good results for the first three to six weeks. After that, it is very common that every three to six weeks you will need to change their program to keep seeing progress on a regular basis. This is because the human body has the wonderful ability to adjust itself to the stress and load of your current workout program. This is adaptation also known as hitting a plateau.


Overworking and lack of proper down time can also make your client hit plateaus in their workout programs and keep them from achieving their goals. Another thing to consider if they have hit a plateau is whether theyre eating too much or not enough and what they are eating.


There are five goals that a trainer should have and coach their clients on:


1.     Personal guidance and the accountability for that client This goal is the most important goal to help the client reach their fitness and life goals. Hold them accountable for their time off from you; have them keep logs on their cardio, outside activities and what they are eating. Spend some time with your client outside the gym via email; this gives you that opportunity to help them with their nutrient intake (i.e. recipes and smoothies), motivational quotes and other educational references.


2.     Resistance training You need to monitor their workout schedule and see their progression to make sure they pass their plateau. Make sure you keep logs of each workout. You should reference their weights lifted, number of sets and number of reps. Also, keep track of how much weight they are losing or inches coming off their waistline. In their functional training program, it is not only the exercises you will need to change but also the equipment their body adapts to. So here are some examples:

·         Basic bench