Every day, throughout the United States, soldiers are returning to their communities. Some of them return with less than all the physical abilities they left with. Combat stress, disabilities and lack of vocational training are just some of the issues that face veterans as they return to their communities. Sometimes these issues lead to homelessness, abuse of alcohol and depression.


Three West Point classmates have designed a program that supports the wounded soldiers transition back to their hometowns through fitness training, strengths identification and community support.


Nathan Barto, Tommy Boyer-Kendrick and David Swalve met at West Point in 1988. Last year, their company, F3, began designing a program that supports soldiers transitioning back into everyday life.


We knew that our soldiers especially our wounded soldiers deserved great service, Swalve said. We know that when your physical abilities change, learning how to functionally work with those abilities is an indicator of future success.


The program called Destination Fitness Training is a four-day event that focuses on the development of the whole solider: a personal functional fitness plan, goal setting activities, personal strengths identification and unique fitness activities along with a follow-up online fitness trainer program provided by the company AVAGO. The extended support follows the student through the remote training program back to Hometown, USA.


We are really excited to be working with these heroes, Barto said. Plus, we have some great partners like AVAGO, Fitness Anywhere, and Outdoors for All. We also couldnt have done it without our partners and those incredible companies like Madison One from New York City and Crawford Advisors from Baltimore. People really show their true colors when you demonstrate that your program works and that you truly care.


The next DFT is being held July 31-August 3 in the greater Puget Sound area near Bellevue, Washington, involving disabled soldiers from a local Warrior Transition unit. One US Army Corporal, a participant in the April DFT said, The professionalism was a dynamic motivating factor on target for developing my well-being that medical treatment alone wasnt achieving.


If youd like more information about this incredible program, or to schedule an interview with one of F3s founders, please call David Pettrone Swalve at 831.325.1618 or email David at david@foxtrot3.com.