Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems (PTCS) releases "Synergy of Human Movement," the only continuing education course that examines how human movement occurs synergistically, how injuries develop and how to train clients' post-rehabilitative, all based on science and research.


"My goal has always been to raise the bar in the fitness industry," says Chris Gellert, founder of PTCS. PTCS has worked very hard in the development of this course/program. Synergy of Human Movement raises the standards with an advanced training continuing education course that truly will elevate personal trainers' knowledge and understanding on human movement. This advanced program/course is for those trainers truly looking to take their training to the next level.


Synergy of Human Movement Program was created with one thing in mind: to teach the personal trainer medical and scientifically based information, enhancing their knowledge base to bridge the gap between physical therapists and personal trainers. This one-of a kind program is the only continuing educational program that examines human movement synergistically. Utilizing a fusion of scientific principles including anatomy, functional anatomy, biomechanics, periodization training and the latest research for the fitness professional, this comprehensive program is available as a home study course as well as via a two-day, live, interactive seminar.


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