A new fitness craze is beginning to make itself known in gyms all over the country. Its called Rowbics, and its going to appear at the IHRSA Convention March 5-8 at the San Diego Convention Center.


Shape magazine, Men Journal, The Washington Post, Fitness magazine and 944 all agree that rowing is a great way to get in shape. Astronauts, marines and all kinds of athletes have used Concept 2 Rowers to stay in shape, ready for the next challenge, but you dont have to be one of the former with the Rowbics program.


I learned that helping others achieve their fitness goals through rowing is much more filling than any personal competitive success, says Victoria Draper, founder and CEO of Rowbics Indoor Rowing, Inc. I hope to make it the coolest, hippest trend in the country.


Rowbics also offers Instructor and PT Training (ACE credits available).


Rowbics offers gyms and fitness studios an all-inclusive group exercise program customized for their members specific needs. Rowbics is an indoor rowing class designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels that simulates rowing on water. Complete with heart-pumping music, choreography, motivational cues and virtual/interactive software, students are guided through strength-resistance training and a fun, cardio workout. The gliding motion of the rowers is low-impact and works all major muscles for a balanced and safe, full-body workout. For more information, visit www.Rowbics.com.


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