Message - Nisan

Nisan Trotter, also known as “The Fitness Preacher,” is a beacon of light; not just for the clients of his Central Pennsylvania TROTFITNESS studios, but for anyone who reads his book, “Born Gifted,” watches him on social media, or listens to one of his jump-out-of-your-seat motivational presentations. From “Most Inspirational Player of the Year” on his Bucknell football team to widespread recognition for his gift of bridging gaps and bringing together to his success as an entrepreneur, Nisan’s energy is contagious, his authenticity uplifting, and his passion for empowering others inspiring.

Here is how Nisan Trotter is sharing his message…

My ideal client is an individual who is ready and willing to put forth significant work and apply the tools our program provides to succeed. Also, working alongside a client who enjoys being in a team environment is essential to success because our program stresses winning together.

My message is to broadcast before the world that everyone (and I mean everyone) has a supernatural gift in them to accelerate and excel.

If I had only one way to share my message it would be word of mouth. I am a connector via spoken words. I can verbally communicate passion instructing one that their dream isn’t big enough until someone calls it crazy. The right words communicated with the right energy has the power to shape the world for the better.

Successful messaging is being the person you are destined to be and empowering your tribe to be the message you preach.

People follow me because I’m authentic, dedicated, inspirational, joyful, faithful, powerful, professional, committed, motivating, intense and a leader. These are the words clients posted about me on a beautiful canvas painting. It’s been hanging on my home office wall for years now.