Want to play make-believe with me for a second? Make-believe with a really important lesson attached for both you and your client? Here’s the scenario:

Your client can squat 275 pounds with ease. And now, both you and your client feel ready to take it to the next level. It’s time to hit that 300-pound mark. The problem is that they have a small hip dysfunction.

That dysfunction - although not really serious - leads to a lack of mobility and causes pain in both their knee and back. The dysfunction has become their limit. Not their strength, ambition, work ethic or desire. In fact, achieving their next-level of performance is based solely on removing that limit.

Yes, your client can work harder at squatting. They can say all sorts of positive affirmations. They can hunker down and push through the pain. They can watch motivational videos of other people succeeding. They can make a pretty collage of epic squatters and hang it on the wall.

They can do all the things that every motivational expert tells them to do, but none of it will matter. Ever. Not until they eliminate the limit that is holding them back; the linchpin that is in the way of them actually ascending their performance to the next level.

Now, apply that make-believe scenario to any part of your life. Any next-level example you choose. Business, relationships, wealth -- you name it.

For 25-plus years I have worked with people on what they would define as success. From 7-figure entrepreneurs and Olympic medalists to professional athletes and celebrities. But the question has never been about understanding how to succeed, it’s been about understanding why they aren’t succeeding.

You can’t build your home on quicksand. And you can’t build your success - any success - on limits.

Mindset matters most. For your clients and for you.