The squat press is an effective way to develop functional lower and upper body strength while encouraging triple extension. This movement requires coordination throughout the entire pillar to ensure proper form. Using the Strongboard and slastix elastic resistance introduces a unique challenge by reducing the inherent stability of the flat ground.

Execution: Attach the StrongStrap to the Strongboard along with the desired resistance straps and handles. Grasp the handles and slowly stand up on the board one leg at a time. The feet should initially be at the furthest edges of the Strongboard. Find the balance point. Next, turn the palms out and brace the upper arms just above the elbow against the straps as you squat down.

Now, simultaneously press the handles overhead as you move into a standing position. Pause at the top (1-2 seconds), and then slowly lower back down to the start position. Perform 10 repetitions or for a set amount of time. Repeat for multiple sets or incorporate into a training circuit. Note: increasing hold times at the top or bottom of the movement will offer a more demanding stability challenge.

I suggest keeping the knees slightly bent during the ascent as to avoid hyperextension in the knees. For advanced clientele, you may consider a more rapid or explosive movement pattern provided form is not lost. In this case, be sure to remain close to the client to provide spotting as needed in case there is a loss of balance.


1. Increase the resistance level

2. Increase reps or total work time

3. Increase speed on the movement to add an element of explosive strength/metabolic conditioning


1. Reduce the resistance level

2. Decrease reps or total work time

3. Perform the exercise in a split squat fashion with the rear foot elevated and centered on the Strongboard

Application: The Strongboard provides a unique way to increase the balance, coordination and stability required when performing a squat press exercise. This exercise can be done with various points of emphasis including strength, balance, explosive strength, or even metabolic conditioning depending on the cadence and speed chosen. It is important to master proper squat press form on the ground prior to engaging in this exercise. Providing verbal and tactile feedback will be helpful in ensuring proper form and safety as fatigue sets in.