OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) has published the thirty-fourth edition of their semi-annual professional catalog. The catalog has been updated with several new items and now includes nearly 1,000 health and wellness products, many of which are offered exclusively through OPTP. Products belong to the following 16 diverse categories:
McKenzie Method
 Manual Therapy 
Therapy Essentials 
Neuroscience Soft Tissue | Myofascial | Trigger Points
Womens Health 
Movement Therapy 
Foam Roller Therapy 
Core Strength & Stability Balance 
Foot Therapy 
Stretching Training & Conditioning 
Resistance Exercise 
Among the new and exclusive items in this volume are the ❠PRO-ROLLER Soft, a shorter length foam roller designed for greater portability, as well as the innovative ActivMotion Bar, an exercise bar with internal weighted ball bearings that shift during use. All products and educational books featured in the catalog represent collaboration with the worlds leading medical experts. They are intended for use by healthcare professionals as well as their patients and clients in a variety of fields such as physical therapy, fitness and rehabilitation. Each is designed with the primary goal of successfully improving health and wellness. The catalog features special pricing for healthcare professionals, including quantity price breaks. Copies of the catalog can be requested by calling OPTP customer service at 800.367.7393 or visiting OPTP.com. All items in the catalog are available for purchase over the phone or online. 
About OPTP OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) supplies healthcare professionals and individuals with innovative therapy and fitness products. OPTP was started in 1979. For more than 35 years its tools for fitness and knowledge for health have helped control healthcare costs and improve total-body wellness.