Lebert Fitness, global leader in performance training tools, systems and education has justlaunched the Lebert Equalizer XL.The Lebert Equalizer XL is great for anyone over 6'â❠tall to get that extra range of motion fordips and pull-ups making those exercises more effective.The dimensions are 32 inches high (3 inches taller than current Lebert Equalizers) by 25 incheswide and it has been tested to support up to 400 pounds of body weight. The T-legs are 18inches wide. The EQ-XL is available in Black only. MSRP $129.99 USD. 


About Lebert Fitness Inc.

Lebert Fitness specializes in the development of high performance work out and stretching tools.Created by personal trainer, Taekwondo black belt and international speaker, Marc Lebert, theLebert Equalizer, Lebert Equalizer XL, Lebert Buddy System and Lebert Stretch Strap areutilized by fitness clubs, gyms, professional sports teams, personal trainers, athleticdepartments, boot camps and more. These extremely versatile tools take strength training tothe gym, field and court like no other. 

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