In order to further support trainers and gyms utilizing StrongBoard Balance, as well as attract new users, two new features have been added to the balance board's interactive consumer website. Through the inclusion of 'Events' and 'Find a StrongBoard' options, site visitors interested in using StrongBoard to advance their fitness, physical therapy, and overall health may now locate centers and events within close proximity in order to try the balance platform.

"Improving our consumer site helps ensure new people are introduced to StrongBoard, while more seasoned users can connect with other enthusiasts. The enhanced business listings also a way for us to support those using the board to train others by providing increased visibility and promotion," says Adella Curry, vice president of StrongHold Fitness, parent company to StrongBoard Balance.

Beginning this month, is providing information on where to find classes, programs, personal trainers, or gyms offering StrongBoard Balance. By using a pull down menu on the 'Find a StrongBoard' page, visitors to the site can find needed contact information in their communities. Moreover, personal trainers and gym owners and managers may also visit the site and add their information to the list for their local communities.

"I love training my clients on StrongBoard," says Sarah Ann Corkum-Kelly, Master Group Fitness Trainer, and avid StrongBoard supporter. "StrongBoard Balance provides a new challenge, keeping workouts exciting and fun. From athletes to beginners, everyone benefits from the unparalleled balance training to achieve a noticeably leaner look."

"Using it in group fitness class is really intense and incredibly rewarding to watch," adds Corkum-Kelly. "I love seeing my beginner students work to complete the total body workouts, while the more advance clients gain a new skill. I use it myself, and my thighs, abs, and shoulders have never toned up so quickly from a single product. There simply isn't a product out there so easy to use which works the entire body."

The 'Events' section of includes a calendar listing official StrongBoard Balance events and workout classes, as well as any upcoming expos where the product will be exhibited.

The StrongBoard Balance website offers a variety of features meant to enhance the user's experience. Its Learning Center provides videos and photos of exercise techniques developed specifically for the StrongBoard Balance workout. With easy-to-read instructions, visitors can learn step-by-step how to maximize their training experience.

The blog and news sections present visitors with information on fitness and health straight from the experts. A special shop section highlights new products and accessories to use in conjunction with a StrongBoard Balance routine.

Allowing for an unlimited capacity and range of workout combinations for every muscle group in a fun, effective, and innovative way, StrongBoard Balance can be utilized by a wide range of users, from trainers and professional athletes to housewives, physical therapy patients, kids, elderly persons, and more. The ease of use of StrongBoard Balance has also been a function of note for many, including seniors and those seeking physical therapy and rehabilitation from injuries.