MS takes away what your normal life used to be. With Dahn Yoga, I recaptured things I thought I could no longer do," shares Cathy Downie, long-term multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer, who teaches this gentle yoga to people with MS in Phoenix and inspired a video, sharing it with the MS community worldwide.


Participants with MS attending Downie's Dahn Yoga classes, a specially modified exercise program, report greater physical flexibility, less fatigue, pain relief, reduced stress and a sense of regaining control of their life. Their physicians are recognizing yoga as an effective, safe treatment.


MS is an inflammatory disease interfering with the nervous system's ability to communicate information appropriately. It can manifest as sensory problems, loss of coordination and balance, weakness, spasticity, mood or cognitive impairment or other symptoms.


According to Sung Lee, MD, "Dahn Yoga is associated with health benefits improved quality of life and self-efficacy, stress reduction, greater energy and emotional well-being. It may impact MS and other inflammatory disorders by helping create a state of improved balance in the autonomic nervous system more rest and digest and less fight or flight."


Dahn Yoga is rooted in ancient Korean body-mind health practices and was systematized by Ilchi Lee to improve health, happiness and peace. While most yoga traditions will produce benefits, Dahn Yoga's approach is particularly effective with MS symptoms.


With a vision to share the exercises with people across the world, Downie advised the Dahn Foundation on creating the 64-minute DVD, "Dahn Yoga for MS and Similar Conditions" (such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and strokes), which can be ordered through


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