It's an unprecedented new health and fitness site that is really going places. Created by hall of fame women's basketball coach Marian E. Washington, is a uniquely designed online social community that combines the health benefits of a steady exercise and fitness plan with the exhilaration of world travel.


The concept of is more than 20 years in the making. Although best known as an incredibly successful basketball coach, Washington actually began her sports career as a national champion discuss thrower and is, in fact, credited with starting the women's track and field program at the University of Kansas in 1974. Additionally, as the KU Head Women's Basketball coach for over 30 years, an Olympic coach and mentor, Washington has led hundreds to achieve their best potential. With this new virtual venture, Washington is using the new, expanding technologies of the Internet to help even more people worldwide successfully reach their goals and more.


" is an interactive solution to the wellness challenges that many of our citizens, both young and old, are facing these days," says Washington. "It's a bona-fide tool to help energize anyone to reach their individual fitness goals because educates, inspires, motivates, supports and connects people."


How does work? After a simple registration, subscribers just fill in the easy-to-use template on the site to input their physical activity for the day. Activities that can be input range from running or walking to weight training and biking to even housework. The state-of-the-art technology then translates that activity into mileage and starts moving users virtually across the country where they can, for instance, bike the Santa Fe Trail or climb Mt. Rushmore all from their personal computer. At each new destination, you can read interesting information about the area, answer trivia questions and even send a virtual post card to friends from your new virtual place on the map and invite them to join in with this creative new "health style.


In addition to offering a wealth of health information, affords members the opportunity to earn points that can be exchanged for athletic apparel that will be sold on the site. Through the program, subscribers can compete with others or create a self-paced exercise and fitness regimen. Additionally, Washington hopes the site will motivate businesses and corporations to offer to employees to become healthier, track personal progress and be more productive overall.


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